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4th Corporate Learning Analytics Full Agenda - [Past]

The team and audience had an amazing time at Corporate Learning Analytics in July 2018. Please view the past agenda.Stay updated as the 2019 agenda is soon to come!Email: Ti ...

Exclusive Content

Industry Report: What's Trending in Corporate Learning Analytics for 2018?

The Corporate Learning Analytics Summit conducted a survey of 100+ global learning and development leaders between March and April 2018 to gain a better understanding of the direction learning analytics is heading over the next few years. The survey results provide insight into budget trajectories for 2018 and 2019, investment...

2017 Corporate Learning Analytics Post Show Report

Want to learn more about what happened in 2017? Check out our Post Show Report that highlights: Attendee Stats, Top Speaking Sessions, Photos, Key Priorities for Learning Analytics Excellence and more!

Corporate Learning Analytics Past Presentations

In preparation for Corporate Learning Analytics 2018, we wanted to exclusively share these past presentations with you. Below you will find expert content on fresh research and perspectives, ensuring you hit the ground running with an analytics plan of attack.

Strategies for Learning & Development

Kim Kavala, Assurant's Vice President of Global Learning & Development, discusses the metrics Assurant uses to tie training results to organizational goals, top priorities when setting a global L&D strategy, how to communicate training results to business leaders, and more!

Scaling Learning Measurement for a Global Workforce: The TGI Friday's Story

In this exclusive interview with Jim Mason, Director of Learning & Development at TGI Fridays, he shares his top priorities for in training one of the largest global restaurant chains, including: targeted, collaborative training solutions; valuable LMS insights; and communication methods in reporting training results to business leaders.

5 Steps to Smarter Corporate Learning

Technology is changing the way people learn today - Successful data & Analytics transformation needs to focus on 5 elements. What are they? Watch this exclusive Corporate Learning Analytics video to find out more...

Building the GE BrilliantYOU Platform

We sat down with Chantelle Nash, Program Manager, Digital Learning and Engagement for GE, along with Sara Ley, Digital Learning & Technology Leader at GE as they discuss the path that GE took in building a continuous learning culture.

Learning & Leadership in Tennessee

We sat down with Dr. Trish Holliday the Assistant Commissioner & state Chief Learning Officer for the State of Tennessee, before here fireside chat to discuss proven processes to developing and implementing a learning and development strategy, strategies to recruit, retain and reward top talent, while creating a learning culture...

2017 Corporate Learning Analytics - L&D Market Snapshot

Take a look at the 2017 Market Snapshot that with insights from our surveyed pool of L&D leaders who also face the same challenges in their own organizations If you would like to receive this directly to your inbox, please email:

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Corporate Learning Prospectus

Take a look at the 2018 Corporate Learning Analytics Prospectus. Contact us today and find out more on exclusive sponsorship opportunities for this year's event! To receive a copy via email, contact

2018 Attendee Snapshot

Click the download button below to see who is attending CLA 2018 so far. For sponsorship opportunities, contact

Past Presentations

FUTURE OF L&D: Utilizing a Pull vs. Push Method for Today’s Fast-Moving Learners

Chantelle Nash, Program Leader, Digital Learning & Engagement at GE, discusses:The challenge of building a continual learning mindset What we’re learning about our learners How we’re shaping the “Brilliant Way”: lessons learned and plans for the future 

Business Alignment 2.0: From Executive Buy-In to Adoption

Andy Webb, Director of Learning and Development at Applied Industrial Technologies, presents on:Examining competency models to understand needs and motivations of leadershipHow to recognize fnancial metrics and KPIs to frame your learning program in the language leadership understandsUtilizing ways to better engage leadership throughout an LRS initiative, and using the...

Solving for Talent: Developing the Role of the Learning Analytics Leader

Scott Schaffer, Global Head of Measurement and Analytics at Ericsson discusses:Defining or redefing learning analytics Identifying key skill sets that learning analytics leaders need Evaluating your organization’s learning analytics maturity

Data-Driven Insights: Measuring Learning Impact to Gain the Performance Edge

Laurent Balague, CEO & Founder, Formetris discusses:Identifying tools to increase the focus of your L&D team on training impactGet insight on which measurement methods are the most adapted for soft skill programsDetermine which evaluation approaches are most suitable in a time of training digitalization and continuous learning

The Bottom-line on ROI: Demonstrating the Return on Investment in People, Programs, and Projects

Patti Philips, President & CEO of the ROI Institute, discusses:Five levels of evaluationTen steps in the ROI MethodologyTwelve guiding principles that support process applicationCriteria for selecting program to evaluating to ROI

Tactically Measuring the Impact of Informal Learning

John Mattox, Managing Consultant, CEB- Now Gartner discusses:Begining with a standard, organization-wide defnition of what informal learning is, and what it’s not [i.e., performance support, mentoring, virtual knowledge sharing]Implementing a feedback system for teams to evaluate employees’ behavioral growth from informal learning Launching a system for employees to document reactions...

Additional Content

Why data analysts are vital to corporate learning and development

Xerox Learning Services helps show the need for data analysts in learning and development, the data analysis process and identifying predictive differences, types of learning data, the stuff you shouldn't try at home, and identifying the right person for the job.

Learning Analytics Data-driven, action-oriented insights

Optimize learning programs and demonstrate the real business value. Business intelligence technology provides a quick and easy way to collect and analyze L&D data, compare it to historical trends and targeted benchmarks, and clearly communicate — and act on—the results.

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