July 24 – 27, 2017
Nashville, TN

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2017 Corporate Learning Analytics Draft Agenda

Join us July 25-27 in Nashville!

This high impact agenda includes:

  • Tech Accelerator workshops to kick-start your xAPI path
  • L&D Impact Accelerator to calculate ROI and get to levels 3&4
  • Demonstration drives to plan your learning analytics vendor road map for 2016
  • Benchmark your measurement strategies with industry colleagues from Mastercard, IBM, Bank of America and more..
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Top Learning Measurement Insights

In advance of the 2nd Annual Corporate Learning Analytics event, we've taken the liberty of rounding up some of the most relevant material from our event partners that will be attending in July. This collection of whitepapers, articles and presentations further dive into the space of learning analytics.

2016 Corporate Learning Analytics Market Snapshot

Take a look at the Market Snapshot that will help connect and hear from our L&D leaders who also face the same challenges in their own organizations.

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Why data analysts are vital to corporate learning and development

Xerox Learning Services helps show the need for data analysts in learning and development, the data analysis process and identifying predictive differences, types of learning data, the stuff you shouldn't try at home, and identifying the right person for the job.


Smart Strategies for Accelerating Performance Improvement

Scott Chamberlain, Sales Enablement Manager at NetApp, discusses measuring channel training success including traditional evaluation methods, demonstrating ROI with SalesForce.com (SFDC), how data changes the business value conversation, and more!

Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Jennifer Carlson, Supervisor, Learning Analytics at JetBlue University, speaks about common metrics, collaborative data reviews capability building, SVP safety, security, & training, having a research & analysis plan (RAP) and data inventory as well as much more.

Collaborating Across the Enterprise, Engaging Stakeholders to Deliver ROE (Return on Expectations)

Barankewicz Sr. Manager, Learning & Development at Avon, discusses keys to meeting stakeholder expectations, stakeholder analysis, exercises you can implement to create your stakeholder/network map, balanced scorecard approach to define expectations, business case examples, and more.

Learning measurement and evaluation are behind the times

Andy Whitaker, Consultant at Rustici Software (dba Watershed LRS), presented on learning metrics and discussed a recent survey of CLOs by IDC, how measurement capabilities impact an organization’s perception of L&D, What holds us back, A collection of disconnected systems and applications, the benefits and the future of an L&D environment, and more!

Scrap Learning—Your Programs Are Not As Good as You Think They Are

John R. Mattox, II, Ph.D., Senior Consultant at Talent Solutions, discusses doing more with less, falling short of expectations, the top 5 L&D Metrics reported to business, the Top 3 Business questions for L&D. Including a predictive stats exercise, the root causes of scrap learning, how to make an impact and reduce scrap and increase performance, the financial ramifications of this and much more!

Translating Metrics to Scorecards - The Rogers Journey

Gregg Forde, Manager of Workforce Planning & Productivity at Rogers, discusses the company's scorecard journey from the early days to its benchmarking process and ending at its results. The team used this process to identify key go-forward metrics and develop new HR scorecards.

Using data to make workforce decisions - Mike Moss and Freddie Mac 2014

In this past presentation, Mike Moss, Director of Workforce Analytics at Freddie Mac, walks through the Analytics team's analysis of its College Hire Program's exceedingly high voluntary turnover rate. The team dug into the data to better understand what was going on by integrating and analyzing multiple sources of data.

Utilizing talent analytics for business strategy Aetna Case Study - Debra Osborn

Debra Osborn of Aetna details the company's HR Analytics approach --how they link talent analytics to business and talent strategy, including examples, in this past presentation.

Aligning corporate university outcomes to business strategy and organizational goals - Charlotte Hughes

By aligning business strategy and organizational goals to corporate university outcomes, you'll be able to better understand and implement a performance consulting process that aligns learning with business objectives. Learn how in this past presentation with Charlotte Hughes of Kimberly-Clark


Scaling Learning Measurement for a Global Workforce: The TGI Friday's Story

In this exclusive interview with Jim Mason, Director of Learning & Development at TGI Fridays, he shares his top priorities for 2016 in training one of the largest global restaurant chains, including: targeted, collaborative training solutions; valuable LMS insights; and communication methods in reporting training results to business leaders.

Success stories in global training and performance enablement - Michael Paquin

It took one initiative: Making Red Hat University Managers more aware and passionate about using education as a retention tool for great talent to make a significant impact on Red Hat’s employees. According to Michael Paquin, Director of Red Hat University, the number of unique sales department students to attend university training classrooms, LMS, and other sites increased from a few hundred to over 2,000 in one year. Further, the average quantity of training consumed per-person also jumped from low single-digits to mid-teens globally. Read on for more information on Michael’s achievements or join us at the upcoming Corporate Learning Week this Nov. 11-14 in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.

Strategies for Learning & Development

Kim Kavala, Assurant's Vice President of Global Learning & Development, discusses the metrics Assurant uses to tie training results to organizational goals, top priorities when setting a global L&D strategy, how to communicate training results to business leaders, and more!

Exclusive Content

Global Learning Management Systems Market 2014-2018

LMS is a form of learning has substantial cost-benefits and proven results in terms of increased efficiency and productivity of employees, so many firms across the globe have completely replaced traditional forms of learning with a LMS. It has become important for organizations especially those that have expanded their business into the global market and need to train employees across different geographic locations.

In this exclusive sample report by our partners at ASD Media, analysts forecast the Global Learning Management Systems market and its growth over the period 2014-2018.


7 Ways that LMS’ Fail

With the Learning Management System (LMS) industry market on track to be worth $11.34 billion by 2020, the LMS is the most influential segment of  learning and development (L&D) market. Here are a number of reasons why a company would want to switch their LMS.

The top 15 HR Metrics and Analytics 2015

Renowned research institute ScottMadden recently surveyed IQPC’s HR community on the hot topic of HR metrics and analytics. The study captured metrics related to:

• The function’s current maturity level
• Analytics‘ current impact on the HR organization
• Realized or anticipated benefits of implementing HR Analytics

The Rise of the Learning Record Store: An LRS Field Guide from CLN

There’s a song lyric from a little known Brooklyn band that goes “information wants to be free.” The band members—a rebellious punk act of urban squatters—sing with a grinning approval of illegal music downloads, the freedom from the bureaucracy of commercialism. But “free” doesn’t need to only mean financially speaking. Digital information “wants to be free” in terms of location (the countless places our emails are stored), accessibility (company-wide access to documents via intranet), and understandability (you don’t have to be an IT expert to comprehend the graphs of Google Analytics). Learner data—employee test scores, training session completions, and participation in any learning event—is another element of our digital lives that “wants to be free.” Last spring Experience API (xAPI) began replacing SCORM as the preeminent industry tool for the capture and documentation of learning events.

E-learning Blogger Says MOOCs and Your Traditional LMS Are Here to Stay

In the last three years, Craig Weiss has established himself as the independent voice for ratings and rankings of learning management systems and all things e-learning with his blog E-learning 24/7. Weiss started out in education as a high school teacher and then university faculty. In the 1990s, he was an early adopter of the first online learning modules and started online journalism courses as an insturctor at the University of Nebraska. In the decade since, Weiss has made the transition to the corporate world and specializes as an e-learning analyst, known for his predictions and forecasts about emerging trends in the industry. Weiss talks with us about the current state of learning management systems and how massive open online courses offer the potential to shake up the world of adult education.


Inside Nike's Corporate Learning Strategy

Chris Rosso
Global Manager Learning Platforms, NikeU

 Perhaps the phrase "NextGen LMS" is a misnomer, at least in the eyes of Chris Rosso, global manager for learning platforms at Nike. "I almost want to rephrase it into: 'What is the next generation of learning technology?'" Rosso said. "What does it mean to us to manage learning in the future, as opposed to constraining ourselves to the concept of a learning management system?" Thinking in this out-of-the-box manner has been part of a paradigmatic shift in learning and development at Nike.

Check out our video interview above to learn what Rosso sees as the role of the future learning organization.