July 24 – 27, 2017
Nashville, TN

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2017 Corporate Learning Analytics Agenda

Join us July 24-27 in Nashville!

Whether you're looking to make a business case for redesigning your learning measurement strategy, bench-marking your current learning evaluation framework, or immersing yourself in the evolving learning analytics ecosystem, this four-day agenda is packed with interactive workshops, cross-industry panel sessions, insightful case studies - and even a site tour! - to ensure you can confidently prove and improve the value of your corporate learning investments.

If your day-to-day focus is on:
Training Effectiveness
Increasing Employee Engagement
Cultivating Business Partnerships
Strategic Learning Technology Investments

This event if for you!

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Exclusive Content

Global Learning Management Systems Market 2014-2018

LMS is a form of learning has substantial cost-benefits and proven results in terms of increased efficiency and productivity of employees, so many firms across the globe have completely replaced traditional forms of learning with a LMS. It has become important for organizations especially those that have expanded their business into the global market and need to train employees across different geographic locations.

In this exclusive sample report by our partners at ASD Media, analysts forecast the Global Learning Management Systems market and its growth over the period 2014-2018.

Top Learning Measurement Insights

In advance of the 2nd Annual Corporate Learning Analytics event, we've taken the liberty of rounding up some of the most relevant material from our event partners that will be attending in July. This collection of whitepapers, articles and presentations further dive into the space of learning analytics.

2016 Corporate Learning Analytics Post Show Report

Want to learn more about what happened in 2016? Check out our Post Show Report that highlights: Attendee Stats, Top Speaking Sessions, Photos, Key Priorities for Learning Analytics Excellence and more! Email enquiryiqpc@iqpc.com for more information

2017 Corporate Learning Analytics - L&D Market Snapshot

Take a look at the updated 2017 Market Snapshot that with insights from our surveyed pool of L&D leaders who also face the same challenges in their own organizations If you would like to receive this directly to your inbox, please email: enquiryiqpc@iqpc.com

2017 Exclusive Tennessee Department of Human Resources Site Tour

Experience the State of Tennessee's approach to reinforcing learning as their strategic organizational driver. Led by the organization’s top Learning Leaders, discover how the Department of Human Resources developed a state-wide learning and development initiative, followed by a tour of facilities in the historic capital building.

HCA Exclusive Site Tour Spotlight

We’ll be visiting the HCA headquarters in Nashville and touring the brand new learning and development space, where attendees will gain an in-depth understanding of the organizational culture and its renowned leadership development program


Why data analysts are vital to corporate learning and development

Xerox Learning Services helps show the need for data analysts in learning and development, the data analysis process and identifying predictive differences, types of learning data, the stuff you shouldn't try at home, and identifying the right person for the job.

Learning Analtyics Data-driven, action-oriented insights

Optimize learning programs and demonstrate the real business value. Business intelligence technology provides a quick and easy way to collect and analyze L&D data, compare it to historical trends and targeted benchmarks, and clearly communicate — and act on—the results.


Smart Strategies for Accelerating Performance Improvement

Scott Chamberlain, Sales Enablement Manager at NetApp, discusses measuring channel training success including traditional evaluation methods, demonstrating ROI with SalesForce.com (SFDC), how data changes the business value conversation, and more!

Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Jennifer Carlson, Supervisor, Learning Analytics at JetBlue University, speaks about common metrics, collaborative data reviews capability building, SVP safety, security, & training, having a research & analysis plan (RAP) and data inventory as well as much more.

Collaborating Across the Enterprise, Engaging Stakeholders to Deliver ROE (Return on Expectations)

Barankewicz Sr. Manager, Learning & Development at Avon, discusses keys to meeting stakeholder expectations, stakeholder analysis, exercises you can implement to create your stakeholder/network map, balanced scorecard approach to define expectations, business case examples, and more.

Learning measurement and evaluation are behind the times

Andy Whitaker, Consultant at Rustici Software (dba Watershed LRS), presented on learning metrics and discussed a recent survey of CLOs by IDC, how measurement capabilities impact an organization’s perception of L&D, What holds us back, A collection of disconnected systems and applications, the benefits and the future of an L&D environment, and more!

Utilizing talent analytics for business strategy Aetna Case Study - Debra Osborn

Debra Osborn of Aetna details the company's HR Analytics approach --how they link talent analytics to business and talent strategy, including examples, in this past presentation.

Aligning corporate university outcomes to business strategy and organizational goals - Charlotte Hughes

By aligning business strategy and organizational goals to corporate university outcomes, you'll be able to better understand and implement a performance consulting process that aligns learning with business objectives. Learn how in this past presentation with Charlotte Hughes of Kimberly-Clark

Calculating ROI in Training and Performance Improvement

Caroline Hubble MSOD, CPLP, CRP, Chief Consulting Officer, ROI Institute, Inc. and speaker at the 2016 Corporate Learning Analytics Summit. In this past presentation Caroline presents ways of recognizing reasons for evaluating programs and being able to identify the elements needed to complete program evaluations. Although L&D is no stranger to calculating return on investment, a great confusion around ROI remains in implementing a credible approach. Too often, learning organizations fear that reporting a negative ROI demonstrates a poorly aligned program, whereas an exceedingly high ROI undermines credibility. To demonstrate the contribution of training projects and programs, this presentation provides a step-by-step guide in employing a credible financial return methodology in isolating the effects of learning to the rest of the organization.

Techniques on Measuring Leadership Effectiveness

Peter Mostachetti, Leadership Solutions Incubator, Manager Champion and Sarah McNee, Continuous Learning Leader, speakers at our past 2016 Corporate Learning Analtyics Summit goes over Deploying analytic-based learning to enhance technology enabled experiences for over 45,000 managers, Applying collaborative approaches to changing leadership in a globalizing workforce, Determining benchmarks to measure milestones in leadership and management development

Management Before Measurement

Brenda Sedlacek and Christopher Hardy two of our past presenters will go cover DAU Key Takeaways such as Methods to align training to business goals and assess “impact” results, “How-to” insights to DAU’s performance-based strategic planning process and award-winning results as well as DAU’s effective Learning Analytics Program including its tools and techniques

Driving Results through Upfront Goal Setting and Outcome Measurement

David Vance, a Past Presenter for Corporate Learning Week covers the the simple process for L&D alignment, even within complex multi-national businesses, Defining and agreeing on outcomes and success metrics before designing learning experiences as well as sample report formats to use in managing programs and communicating results to senior business leaders.

Moving Your Learning Agenda

Whether in IT, technical R&D, marketing, or HR, organizations have to develop the core skills in leaders at all levels of the organization that will allow them to move their agendas. In today’s complex organizations good ideas are not enough. Learn More from Samuel Bacharach


Scaling Learning Measurement for a Global Workforce: The TGI Friday's Story

In this exclusive interview with Jim Mason, Director of Learning & Development at TGI Fridays, he shares his top priorities for 2016 in training one of the largest global restaurant chains, including: targeted, collaborative training solutions; valuable LMS insights; and communication methods in reporting training results to business leaders.

Strategies for Learning & Development

Kim Kavala, Assurant's Vice President of Global Learning & Development, discusses the metrics Assurant uses to tie training results to organizational goals, top priorities when setting a global L&D strategy, how to communicate training results to business leaders, and more!

Building the GE BrilliantYOU Platform

We sat down with Chantelle Nash, Program Manager, Digital Learning and Engagement for GE, along with Sara Ley, Digital Learning & Technology Leader at GE as they discuss the path that GE took in building a continuous learning culture.

Learning & Leadership in Tennessee

We sat down with Dr. Trish Holliday the Assistant Commissioner & state Chief Learning Officer for the State of Tennessee, before here fireside chat this July 25th to discuss proven processes to developing and implementing a learning and development strategy, strategies to recruit, retain and reward top talent, while creating a learning culture within state government.


7 Ways that LMS’ Fail

With the Learning Management System (LMS) industry market on track to be worth $11.34 billion by 2020, the LMS is the most influential segment of  learning and development (L&D) market. Here are a number of reasons why a company would want to switch their LMS.

E-learning Blogger Says MOOCs and Your Traditional LMS Are Here to Stay

In the last three years, Craig Weiss has established himself as the independent voice for ratings and rankings of learning management systems and all things e-learning with his blog E-learning 24/7. Weiss started out in education as a high school teacher and then university faculty. In the 1990s, he was an early adopter of the first online learning modules and started online journalism courses as an insturctor at the University of Nebraska. In the decade since, Weiss has made the transition to the corporate world and specializes as an e-learning analyst, known for his predictions and forecasts about emerging trends in the industry. Weiss talks with us about the current state of learning management systems and how massive open online courses offer the potential to shake up the world of adult education.

The Future of Learning at DAU

People all over the learning world are busy applying new technologies to engage a workforce that learns differently. The Defense Acquisition University (DAU) is no different. DAU has developed a New Strategic Plan which includes a comprehensive learning strategy _ the Acquisition Learning Model (ALM) ensuring both alignment with business strategy and directly targeting their vision and mission. Comprising three separate yet integrated domains, the ALM “links” training (both in classroom and on-line); acquisition resources and job support tools; mission assistance and customized workshops —allowing them to be Current, Connected, and Innovative in every area. To learn more about the DAU jouney in to the Future of Learning... keep reading


5 Steps to Smarter Corporate Learning

Technology is changing the way people learn today - Successful data & Analytics transformation needs to focus on 5 elements. What are they? Watch this exclusive Corporate Learning Analytics video to find out more...

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2017 Sponsorship Prospectus

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Attendee Investment Report

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